An opinion that the current copyright and patent laws are inappropriate for computer software

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I made up my statistical paper the way someone else supervised and I thought it was circumscribed: Common JPEG authors [21]. Why Protect Software Through Patents?

Need more Guidance? In connection with computer software, copyright law can be used to prevent the total duplication of a software program, as well as the copying of a portion of software code (both of which are examples of "literal infringement").

For a discussion on the current state of software.

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Noteflight provides the worlds first and best online music composition tool, allowing users to easily collaborate. Read more about our terms of use. Article I, Section 8.

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With this constitutional authority, Congress enacted Title 35 of the United States Code establishing the patent laws for the United States of America.

From the Forum: “Future test takers should be very deliberate in reading answers that appear to be quotes from the MPEP.

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I found at least 3 instances where the answer was a long word for word quote of a case holding, but differing by one or two words toward the end of the quote.

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An opinion that the current copyright and patent laws are inappropriate for computer software
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